Relationship Tips Book

The Marriage Whisperer:

Tips to Improve Your Relationship OvernightMW

Patt Hollinger Pickett, LMFT, PhD —

 Published by MSI Press, California, 2013


This multiple-award winning book is an easy-read, no jargon resource loaded with practical tips and humor. The author, Dr. Patt,  bases her book on professional academic training and decades of experience as a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist but found her inspiration in over 10,000 conversations with couples determined to enrich their lives and relationships.

The dynamite information is delivered in a series of 70 topic-oriented  “stories” about cleverly named couples including “Cleo & Patrick”, Bertrand & Ernestine”, “Bo & Derrick”, and “Sandy & Quentin”—-just to name a few. Readers can scan the Table of Contents and choose topics selectively or start at the beginning.


The Marriage Whisperer has received numerous wonderful reviews from readers. Here is one of the author’s favorites:

I finished your marvelous book a few days ago.  I’m a better person for having read it, and for (already) applying some of your suggestions.  The clever, flexible formats of both the book and card deck*** deliver clear insights.  You’ve addressed all sorts of behaviors and habits that prevent us from opening up to enjoy our most meaningful relationships.  Thank you — for helping us all to center our selves so we can become better engaged with those whom we cherish the most.  Here’s to living and loving more fully!

Kathy B.



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The Marriage Whisperer Challenge   

A Resource Playing Card Deck

Start the Conversation

Start the Relationship Conversation


The Marriage Whisperer author, Dr. Patt,  also designed and adapted a standard deck of playing cards into a valuable resource for relationships based on the book. Each card face has a unique marriage/relationship tip excerpted from The Marriage Whisperer.

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Instructions are included for how to start the relationship conversation through playing a simple game using these cards. Couples are also encouraged to be creative and make-up their own “game” with the cards.

Great for use as a couple, in a group setting, or selected as a gift, The Marriage Whisperer Challenge cards are professionally produced and are sturdy, bright and attractive. The deck is currently available for purchase at $7.99 USD through