How Much Should I Pay?

Avoid searching for a coach guided by price tag. Comparison shop as you would for other services and products. For example, while the leaders and CEO’s in the larger coaching businesses may be highly qualified, check to see if beginner coaches are doing the actual coaching when you look at the cost for services.

Whether the coaching fees sound too cheap, too expensive, or just about right for your budget, evaluate the cost carefully. Weigh the expertise and experience level of the coach with the fee charged. Compare at least 3 or 4 coaches. Look at experience and credentials of the specific coaches you have in mind to recognize when:

  • You are paying less for less—cheap matched with few credentials/experience.
  • You are paying more for less— too expensive for too few credentials/experience.
  • You are paying enough for more—a bargain within your budget for the highest credentials/experience .

Should I Ask for a  Free Session?

One session is not enough to judge whether a coach is right for you OR you are right for coaching. Ask if you wish and take advantage if offered, but do not expect to have all your questions answered.

Fair refund/cancellation policies are frequently offered. Such policies  will more effectively cover any mismatch or disappointment with the coaching process and provide a much  better indicator of fit and coach expertise. Not all experienced coaches offer “freebies” because their time is valuable and they want to avoid spending time on the curious and non-serious  consumers. More “beginners” will offer “freebies” just to gain experience.

You will benefit significantly more by doing your homework in advance and then having a brief Q&A e-mail with the Coach.