Counselor or Coach?

Counseling Versus Personal Coaching

Do I need a Counselor or a Coach?

  •   While both counseling and personal coaching involve the change   process and a course of life improvement, there are significant differences.

Counseling does enrich lives and involves goals;   however, it is primarily a prevention and intervention process and often there is health insurance reimbursement. Counseling deals with mental health issues— which are or may become unhealthy.  Technically speaking, through counseling, a person   moves from “mental illness” into “mental wellness.”

When counseling/therapy fees are covered by insurance, you must be diagnosed by the counselor and labeled with a   “mental illness” in order to qualify for coverage. This diagnosis/treatment becomes a part of your medical records and may result in   a loss of privacy, especially when you use insurance benefits.   Counseling/therapy deals with emotional healing and relief from psychological pain.

(Emotional healing and relief are services which are legally beyond the scope of anyone identifying themselves as coaches except for licensed mental health professionals. Licensed professionals generally can do both counseling and coaching with the same individual—but not in the same session. Many professionals limit their roles with a client to either coaching or counseling.)

While coaching is frequently   practiced by licensed mental health professionals as a therapeutic method,   the field of coaching is primarily an enrichment process through which   a person progresses from “wellness” into “excellence”.

Coaching is an out-of-pocket expense. Costs are comparable to physical self-improvement expenses such as massage, salon and spa services, and personal training. (All services can be logically evaluated for price comparison using the skill, training, education, and experience level of the service provider.

Unlike therapy (within the insurance systems) you are in control and can choose whom to consult for what reasons and how often. There is increased privacy and confidentiality with no medical record of “mental Illness.” The field of coaching does not deal with emotional healing or relief from psychological pain.

Coaches—without a professional   mental health license—are not legally or professionally qualified to provide the services a therapist performs. Counselors, however, by nature of their professional training, often have excellent training, skills, and experience and are highly qualified to provide professional life coaching.






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