How Does Coaching Work?

How We Provide Coaching


  • Coaching results  are a product of many factors including the persistence, motivation, and effort of the client. Coaching is NOT an instant “fix” for   anything.
  • A written agreement and advance retainer are required.
  • Results can not be guaranteed, but cancellation of the agreement is possible at any time.
  • An Upgrade, Refund/Cancellation & Transfer Policy is in place.
  • HireCoach™ recommends a minimum of four-30 minute sessions; however,  shorter packages are available.
  • A single regular coaching session is 30 minutes and your coach prepares in advance by reviewing your goals and progress in between EVERY session.
  • You maintain responsibility for all  decision making.
  • HireCoach™ offers Gift Certificates.


  1. After you select HireCoach™,  you complete the application. (Available soon on-line).
  2. Suitability of your goals  for coaching is established.
  3. A Welcome Packet is sent.
  4. You complete the Welcome Packet and return it. The purpose of the Welcome Packet is to provide information to have a “real” coaching  session from the very first time.
  5. Disclosure, informed consent, and confidentiality issues are reviewed and agreed.
  6. You and your Coach schedule the first consultation based on the information you provide in the Welcome Packet.
  7. If you  and  your Coach agree there is a fit, we continue the agreement for services.
  8. The Life Coaching Agreement/Policies & Procedures  specifies the advance retainer, length of service, and the other details.


Contingent on the type of coaching provided, other tools utilized are:

  • Pre-session preparation form
  • Client introduction profile
  • Vision, mission, and goal statements
  • Other Client specific items.

The Client and Coach meet at the scheduled date and time at the pre-selected venue—tele-coaching, in-person or off-site, video conference, on-line, or conference bridge. Coaching is a fluent process, not a static event.While it is desirable to have a face-to-face first session, geography and time constraints often preclude it. As an option, and since you see our pictures, we request a recent photo of you to enhance and personalize our focus on you. The primary format available is coaching by phone–tele-coaching.

At HireCoach™, we tailor our methods to you personally or your business.  Beginning with a needs assessment, we listen to you and ask provocative questions. A preliminary coaching plan is built based on your values, and your identified goals. Coaching provides focus, insight, support, and momentum. We bring our experience, knowledge, skills, and tools to guide your process. But not every method is for everyone. We adapt as necessary.

As the coaching process progresses through successive sessions, progress, challenges, and new strategies are generated and reviewed. Modification of plans and goals are common as new information is generated. Successful coaching reaches a conclusion when a specific learning or behavioral goal is achieved.