Group Coaching


A coaching group (or work team) consists of individuals (ideally 3-8) who strive to build a more collaborative relationship and/or who share a common goal, theme, or focus for improvement in either the personal or the business arena. Individuals from a school organization, church members, neighbors, friends, family, parent groups, business associates and others can come together in a coaching group.


Coaching is a professionally guided learning and enrichment process based on mental health, interpersonal skills, motivation, and principles identified by the group as target goals.


The coaching session takes place at a prescheduled time for a  single 30-90 minute period or a pre- arranged series of sessions, depending   on


While individual coaching is appropriate for many themes, often focus areas are team and support oriented or a goal is shared. Group coaching can be more fulfilling, enjoyable and cost effective.


An organizer recruits the coaching participants. The date, time, and location are determined, an agreement is signed and an advanced retainer is paid. The organizer provides the coach with a focus area/goal and preparation materials as needed may be distributed in advance.


The location is a mutually agreed upon setting such as a   conference bridge, a private home, church, school, organizational site, or workplace.

Group coaching fees vary depending on size, location, duration, and agenda.