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Dating Coach

Why a Dating Coach?

Dating is a very important relationship process. Whether you want to date as a goal in itself  or date as a means to a more intense connection, successful dating is a skill you can learn to improve. Personal coaching is a very effective method to increase your abilities to successfully date.Whether you’ve been dating regularly for years or have not dated in over 20 years, dating can bring enrichment to your life. Fitness of mind and spirit are key elements to the successful dating process. A variety of introduction and dating services are available and can be very effective ways of meeting a person to date. Coaching will assist you to make the most of your dating experiences.

Patt Hollinger Pickett, M.Ed., L.M.F.T., Ph.D. is a relationship expert, a Certified Professional (life) Coach, and a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist. Dr. Patt has extensive  academic training in the mental health field and 20+ years experience   assisting clients with relationship development and enhancement.

As your Dating Coach, Dr. Patt will help you to sharpen your relationship skills and develop an awareness of your strengths, weaknesses, values, and goals. She   will consult with you sensitively and creatively on your dating issues.

Question: Can HireCoach help me find dates?

Dr. Patt’s Response: HireCoach is not a dating or matching service. There are numerous great resources out there from which to choose.

We focus on helping you have the best dates possible and meet your dating and relationship goals. Through coaching, clients can identify new methods and places to meet someone to date.

Question: I have had several long term relationships which started out as great dates, but turned into pain and distrust. I don’t feel like I can risk dating again, but I do not want to be alone all of the time. How can I deal with the risk?

Dr. Patt’s Response: You can not eliminate the risk of pain from the dating process. If you constantly make bad choices, however, and have experienced dysfunction and trauma in your life, you may first need counseling. If you do not need it or have completed counseling, coaching will help you to increase your communication skills. For example do you realize that:

“You Have Not Communicated Until What You Meant Your Listener Understood.”

Communication is not “hearing what is said.” You can increase communication skills for dating by consulting a coach.Coaching will guide you to increase the chance of a successful experience and gain effective communication.

Question: The last date I had was over 20 years ago! I am terrified about dating after so long! How do I learn to date again?

Dr. Patt’s Response: Many men and  women over 40 feel that same way. A dating coach can help you develop an   action plan to reduce your fears. Dating is appropriate at all ages. It is a way to enjoy time with someone, to get acquainted or to make a lasting connection.

Question: I have 2 children at home with me. I don’t have enough time for them, much less to date. How can I date?

Dr. Patt’s Response: Time management is always a challenge for parents–especially single parents.

“We all have the same 24/7–what we do with our time is what we make a priority.”

If you want to date, coaching can help you with priority setting and time management.

Question: Too many of my dates end in virtual disaster–with tension and confusion over sexuality issues. What can I do?

Dr. Patt’s Response: This is a frequent challenge. Coaching can guide you to identify your sexual desires and needs along with your value sensitive ways to express them. You can develop behavioral communication and strategies to avoid the tension in advance.

Question: I am over 40 and have never been married. What can a dating coach do to support me?

Dr. Patt’s Response: As a relationship expert and your dating coach, I can assist you in logically analyzing your choices and patterns in past dating relationships while respecting your emotions and values. I will assist you with establishing reasonable goals for action based on her knowledge and expertise applied to your values and experience.

Presentation Available for Singles Groups: “Successful Dating Afer 40 (and Before)
Contact HireCoach for more information about this event.If you have a dating issue and wonder if coaching could be useful, contact Dr. Patt directly at 877-HireCoach (447-3262) or e-mail