Coaching Packages & Retainers

5 PACKAGE OPTIONS from HireCoach™

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    • #1 Coaching Quick-Take Special: 1 Session or 2-Mini Sessions
    • $150 Advance Retainer 1/30 Minute or 2/15 Minute Telephone Coaching Session(s)
    • This package is: A Push to Take First Steps: Zero-in on the first steps to take on that great idea you have. Don’t wait to “luck” into something or someone to make it happen for you. Hire a coach to prepare you to put your dream idea into action!

      A Special Wedding Gift: Purchase a unique opportunity for those special newlyweds — sons and daughters — to craft the head start they need for a great marriage! Their coach will inspire them to set a marvelous marriage vision and how to remain on course. Give the gift of a wedding vision.

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    • #2 Jump Starter: 2 Sessions
    • $275 Advance Retainer 2/30 Minute Telephone Coaching Sessions
    • Seize a unique way to begin action for a life change. Whether you are typically a highly motivated, self-starter, but now are struggling or you have a passion to pursue that is long overdue, these two consultations mark an end to your procrastination. Your coach will guide you to identify your obstacles and challenge you to get started. With the purchase of this program, you SAVE $25 over the single session retainer.

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    • #3 The Emotionally Connected Couple: 4 Sessions
    • $435 Advance Retainer
    • For You and Your Partner: Take your relationship up another notch this year and build a stronger emotional connection. For example, your coach can help you and your partner to discover how to refuel Emotional Intimacy and that “IN-LOVE” fire you share or maybe that has dimmed. Rediscover the joy of your relationship and not get stressed out by the challenges of routine daily living. Learn skills for increasing Emotional Intelligence in your marriage.

      Please Note: This couple/personal relationship package is priced as just one advanced retainer ideally for both partners; however, benefit can be gained from participation by one alone. The second partner may join in at a later time as decided. A “couple” is considered to be any two persons who are dating, committed to each other, engaged, and, of course, newlyweds or “vintage” married people and at every marital stage in-between.

      Goal Setting: This package is also the right support for you with any short-term goal. Is there something you started, but just can’t seem to complete? Or maybe you only need fresh ideas to get you moving and then you can go forward on your own. You may leave your first session with things you can do make progress. Many find this program provides the right motivation and push to get going and finally finish.

    • With the purchase of this program, you SAVE $150 over the regular single session retainer.
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    • #4 Silver Success: 8 Sessions
    • $850 Advance Retainer 8/30 Minute Telephone Coaching Sessions
    • This package is for individuals motivated toward enhanced Emotional Intelligence (EQ) as a tool to build business and relationship success and enrichment. Work with your EQ coach alone or along with your work team***/ colleagues on team building or with your partner as a couple on designing and achieving your best relationship. Whether you are seeking a quality business environment, a lifetime loving relationship or wish to keep and nurture success, discover how acting with Emotional Intelligence and being mindfully based on your true self, personal values, and life goals can guide you to full life potential.

      ***Please Note: For work team coaching, each team member who participates pays an individual advance retainer of $850. A team size of 3-8 members is recommended for more focused coaching and to increase individual attention and support. For larger groups, interactive/educational seminars are available.

    • With the purchase of this program, you SAVE $350 over the single session retainer.
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    • #5 Go Gold: 12 Sessions
    • $1200 Advance Retainer 12/30 Minute Telephone Coaching Sessions
    • This option will accommodate individual coaching on approximately 6-12 of the Emotional Intelligence competencies identified by the Institute for Social and Emotional intelligence (ISEI) and measured by the online profile the client has completed, the Social and Emotional Intelligence Profile, also known as the SEIP. Client will choose which of the competencies to be addressed based on preference or on his/her individual SEIP score and personal priorities.

      This package is also right for you if you are determined to achieve personal/professional development or other long-term goals. Your coach will provide guidance, support, and the right-sized push and accountability to keep you on your path and moving.

    • With the purchase of this program, you SAVE $600 over the single session retainer.
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You may cancel your coaching program at any time for any reason. Full details of the refund policy are outlined hereON-YOUR-SITE coaching packages may involve additional fees reflecting travel to and from venues and extended preparation time for customized programs.