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Business Coaching

What is Business Coaching?

Business coaching is a guided process of maximizing business success through full utilization of skills and resources for yourself, your business, or both. Coaching is both time and cost effective.

At HireCoach, we specialize exclusively in measurement and development of Social and Emotional Intelligence (SEQ) as the essential CORE of all effective business functioning—relationships and SEQ; that is awareness, effective use and strong management of  our emotions with appropriate recognition and response to the workplace emotions of others.

How is business coaching different from consulting?

While many consultants may coach and coaches may also consult, the perspective   varies. Consulting is primarily an external expert process. Coaching is a collaborative, supportive, and interactive process. Both consulting and business coaching are methods to increase work success. Generally, through a consultant you discover what that person can do for you and/or thinks you should do. Through coaching, you discover your full potential and act on a carefully designed plan toward achieving your chosen objective.

Who can benefit from Business Coaching?

Anyone interested in enhancing business success and professional fulfillment is a   candidate for coaching. Ideally, commitment to a specific goal or challenge is present, but often focus areas are vague and ambiguous. For the coaching client with a very specific goal and plan, your coach will provide professional observations, support, motivation, information, and, if desired, a checkpoint of accountability for the process.

How many coaching sessions does it take?

As with any process, it varies widely depending on the client and focus areas.   Generally, a contract for services is negotiated for a specific period of time. Some contracts are short term and others are renewed as other focus areas for coaching become relevant.