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Coaching Services & EQ

We believe that our coaching retainers reflect high value per dollar for the expert credentials and experience that shape our services. Retainers are paid in advance and vary according to the agreement. While a single session packages are available,  larger package pricing is the most cost and results effective choice. Check out our available programs and retainers.

What is Coaching?

Life Coaching is fitness training for your mind and spirit. Through coaching you can target your personal life, career, and learn to balance your goals!

The mission of  HireCoach is to foster richer relationships and a higher level of personal fulfillment and balance in life for YOU through coaching. Coaching is a guided method of moving individuals from where they are to where they want to be.

Why is EQ (Emotional Intelligence) Important?

Our ability to manage our emotions provides the source of our emotional intelligence. When we “manage” our emotions:


  • Feel driven to tell-it-like-it-is—for the sake of honesty, of course
  • Wear our emotions on-our-sleeves
  • Hide our emotions out of fear or a sense of “false strength”
  • Stuff our emotions up-our-sleeves
  • Pretend or insist that, “I’m just-not-an-emotional-person”
  • Justify our emotional explosion by stating the other had it coming or made it happen
  • Belittle another’s honest emotional expression
  • Deny the value and importance of emotions as a valuable resource and key information


  • Balance our feeling with our thinking
  • Acknowledge our humanity as shown through our emotions
  • Possess mindful awareness of what or how we are feeling
  • Utilize an emotional vocabulary to describe our feelings
  • Discern the appropriateness of expressing versus reserve acting out on our feelings
  • Develop sensitivity to the emotions of others
  • Respond respectfully to the the emotions of other
  • Honor the value and importance of emotions as a valuable resource and key information

Are you where you want to be?

As a professional service, coaching provides clients with feedback, insights, and guidance. This service is unique because it is an on-going and a collaborative partnership with the client taking action and responsibility. Life coaching targets marriages, relationships, family attachments, parenting , professional development, personal enrichment, and goal achievement.

Benefits to YOU include:

  1. Completing more than you would on your own, creating momentum, and building consistency.
  2. Taking more effective and focused actions.
  3. Becoming more balanced and fulfilled.

Coaching works in the present with the goal of the client designing his/her future. The client’s expression of thoughts and feelings fuel an action plan which is supported and enhanced by the coaching process.

Types of Coaching

All areas of life coaching essentially follow the same process. There are, however, many descriptions of coaching including:

What are Typical Skills and Goals People Achieve through Coaching?

There are an unlimited number of skills you can gain through coaching. Below is just a sampling of what you can achieve.


  1. Develop an stronger understanding of Emotional Intelligence
  2. Enhance Emotional Intelligence (EQ/EI): Gain increased strength in the social and emotional competencies identified by the Social and Emotional Intelligence Institute (ISEI) and measured by their Social and Emotional Intelligence Profile, also known as the SEIP.
  3. Relationship Coaching: Build stronger emotional intimacy and connection by learning emotional intelligence competencies.
  4. Process, contain and express emotions
  5. Develop deeper intimate relationships
  6. Practice successful dating habits


  1. Set and implement goals
  2. Identify and clarify values and needs
  3. Balance your life
  4. Create an accountability checkpoint
  5. Increase life satisfaction
  6. Maximize your talents
  7. Pinpoint areas of personal improvement
  8. Reduce procrastination
  9. Become more organized
  10. Enable yourself to say “no”
  11. Intensify your sense of fulfillment
  12. Build and enhance parenting skills
  13. Manage ADD symptoms


  1. Measure/Increase Emotional Intelligence Competencies
  2. Develop networking skills
  3. Achieve greater work productivity by working smarter, not harder
  4. Sharpen communication style
  5. Team building