Relationships & Mistakes: Ever Bring Toothpicks to Light Candles?

Oddly, I did—- two weeks ago.

At the last-minute, I purchased one of those sliced, variety cheesecakes for a birthday dinner. I grabbed skinny candles and a tiny slide open matchbox from my junk drawer, tossed them into the bag with the cake, and headed to the restaurant.

After dinner, I pulled open the little cardboard drawer and removed the first wooden stick. Immediately, I declared that it was a defective box of matches. I open the box further and found that all of the little wooden sticks were toothpicks! Embarrassment captured only a fleeting moment before we all laughed.

Now I cannot imagine anyone else in the world has made THAT special mistake. But in reality, I don’t suppose there are truly unique mistakes— especially in relationships.

Life is not perfect. And mistakes are not the measure of a person or a relationship. Ownership, hard work toward solutions, apology, and forgiveness are. As a relationship expert, I know that relationships can recover from and thrive after mistakes unless— one or both partners are unforgiving and unapologetic.

If you struggle with forgiveness and apology, work hard to understand the important role of these emotions in healthy relationships. Then change your behavior and develop these emotional skills.


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