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Based in the St. Louis Metro area, HireCoach™ offers expert workshops, presentations, consulting, coaching, and testing services with a specialization in personal and business relationships and optimal utilization of social/emotional intelligence (also known as EQ/EI and SEQ/SEI). HireCoach™ was founded over a decade ago with the unique blend of top mental health and wellness knowledge and experience, professional skills/training, and a corporate background as an executive and trainer to provide comprehensive professional services and tools.

Dr. Patt Hollinger Pickett, SEICC, LPC, LMFT, MEd, PhD and her spouse, Darrel Hollinger, CPC, MEd, MBA are o-owners.

Dr. Patt Hollinger Pickett

Dr. Patt possesses strong workshop, presentation, and coaching skills supported by academic training and experience. She graduated from the University of Missouri- St. Louis with a BA in Sociology and a Master’s Degree in Education in Counseling and holds a Missouri State Teaching Certificate. She earned her Doctorate from St. Louis University in Education grounded in Systems Training and Marriage and Family Studies. Dr. Patt is known for her humor, warmth, originality, and energy.

Dr. Patt is an expert in relationships and emotional management. The latter is popularly referred to in the business world as “social and emotional intelligence”, SEQ or SEI. Since the 1990s, research has consistently supported the value of SEQ for improved health, resistance to disease, higher earnings, career success, and a healthier, happier life in general.  All relationships— business and personal— benefit from higher levels of emotional intelligence and the social intelligence and discernment of the emotions of others.

As a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and a Licensed Professional Counselor, Dr. Patt has dedicated over twenty years of service to the mental health and wellness profession in the areas of intervention/prevention (therapy) along with activities in education/enrichment (speaking, workshops, coaching, consulting) and assessment/testing (an online Social & Emotional Intelligence Profile with comprehensive results delivered  with personal graph  and a lenghy  PDF  results paired with self-study tools).

Darrel Hollinger, MEd, MBA

Darrel has a lengthy corporate background in telecommunications, training, and business management. He graduated from Carthage College with a BA in History and completed a Master’s Degree in Education/Counseling from the University of Illinois-Champaign/Urbana. At Lindenwood University, he  earned his Master’s Degree in Business Administration. Darrel has a unique ability to lead diverse groups to achieve established common goals.

Darrel is a certified life coach and a licensed real estate broker. He has solid skills in communication, group organization and dynamics, and consensus building. Darrel brings his strong networking skills and extensive experience from his former roles as a assistant college dean, corporate executive, and management trainer to his position at HireCoach™ as coach, consultant, and business manager/adviser.

He adds richness and depth to HireCoach™ through his long-term achievement in and commitment to community betterment and affairs. He has an expansive record of leadership as a community figure in a variety of positions including tenure as an elected government official, President, Past President, and Executive Board Member for numerous major non-profit organizations. Currently, he belongs to a local chamber,  is a member of a bank board and member (former chair) of the Lake Saint Louis Community Association Lakes and Parks Committee while maintaining active involvement as the head of the speakers’ committees and holding board positions  for two additional civic organizations.

Social  and Emotional Intelligence Testing

HireCoach™ offers a well-validated and reliable online social and emotional intelligence (SEQ/SEI) assessment through its new division, the St. Louis Emotional Intelligence Center for Testing and Development LLC (STLEIC). The test is the Social and Emotional Intelligence Profile (SEIP) and was designed based on extensive research over ten years ago by the Institute for Social and Emotional Intelligence (ISEI).

Dr. Patt is a Social and Emotional Intelligence Certified Coach (SEICC) who administers the online test (SEIP) and provides expert consultation and evaluation of profile results which measure social and emotional intelligence (SEQ).  The extensive SEIP profile results are provided to the client in a comprehensive downloadable PDF format. Included in the profile results are numerous worksheets for self-study aimed at increasing the 26 core social and emotional intelligence competencies identified by the SEIP.

Whether clients elect to take the SEIP for measurement of their SEQ and pursue coaching along with self-study, or simply wish to bypass the test and focus on one or more specific competencies, HireCoach™ offers coaching in emotional intelligence to individuals, couples, and work groups. Additionally, for business groups, workshops on social and emotional intelligence  are available. Other SEQ workshops are especially designed for couples.